There are over 300 species of hummingbirds in the world, yet hummingbirds are only located in the Western Hemisphere. Only a handful of species are regularly seen in North America, though unique species can be found in abundance throughout South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Late last Summer I recall hearing a report that it was feared that the hummingbird population may be in trouble due to Roundup and other killer insecticides that people use in there yards and farms.

According to Agway in Owego, the earlier you get your hummingbird feeder out, the better.  A good rule of thumb is to place the welcoming feeder out May 1st so that the hummer knows that your feeder will be up for the Summer months.

On my midday show today, I had reports of hummingbird sightings all over the Southern Tier of New York and North East Pennsylvania.  One gentleman in Whitney Point has been seeing 5 hummers regularly for the past 2 weeks.

You can either buy hummingbird nectar (it does not have to be red) or it's easy to make your own by boiling water and sugar. It's important to keep your feeders properly clean, especially when the weather gets hot.  Dirty feeder breed contaminants that may keep the hummers.

There is great site that will answer any question you may have on hummingbirds. is a great resource.

Hummingbirds.  A sure sign of warmer weather ahead.  Well, at least we hope so.