What do I wish for this Christmas? Other than more time in the day to get things done, I'd love to have a couple extra arms, like an octopus. I'm the mom of a very active little boy who is into everything and all of the time. No sooner do I get one thing clean and move on to the next then does my son has managed to undo what I just did.

I totally can't lie. I'm jealous of  Santa. I mean, he manages to pull off a crazy deadline every year without a hitch. He's able to be in multiple places at once and he never drops the ball, unlike this mom.

But here's the thing- what if Santa didn't have Christmas magic? What if he needed the help of an entire organization to keep him organized, on time, and able to get everything delivered by midnight on Christmas Eve?

According to NPR, the people at FedEx and UPS asked this same question and they crunched the numbers and found that Santa would need 12 million employees to pull off his Christmas Eve present delivery.

An estimated 760 million children worldwide celebrate Christmas, and Santa has to get to every one of them in only 24 hours. If you do the math, that adds up to about 9,000 deliveries a second or out 760 million pounds of cargo which would fill up 300 big airplanes. Like, 747 big.

Santa would also need 46 international distribution centers with 400,000 elves just to load up his massive sleigh. He'd need another 832,000 elves to manage logistics, support, and human resources.

But wait, there's more! Santa would need 40,000 elves dedicated solely to dealing with customs regulations and another 67,000 elves to get their hands on flyover rights, flight schedule, and flight plans. He'd need 100 meteorologists to keep him in the loop as to the weather, and an additional 10 million elves to make sure that presents ended up in the right distribution center.

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