Kids are pretty amazing- they're basically tiny adults without filters or fear. We got our taxes done over the weekend and my one-year-old had a meltdown. As I held him (totally embarrassed by his behavior), I asked him how he thought people would react if I had a meltdown because I was hungry or tired. Obviously John had no idea what I was talking about because he's just a year old, but I did laugh pretty hard when he raised a single eyebrow after I asked him that question.

I can't wait for a lifetime of hilarious moments with our son. Jay and I are big time practical jokers and always up for a good time, so if any of that rubs off on John, there's an excellent chance something like this might one day happen with him.

During a preschool graduation at a church in Mississippi, this four year old eloquently recited the books of the Bible's New Testament.  He then followed with a surprise that no doubt left his parents in stitches.