It may be wedding season but unfortunately half of them do not "end happily ever after." Surprisingly, Christian marriages don't fair much better.  You may have heard that it takes a woman only 6 days to pull the trigger and end a relationship...ouch. If she wants a divorce, then guys here are some divorce products to consider.

5) Divorce ring:  With this ring, I thee wed .... and with this one, I thee ... divorce?  Jewelers Spritzer and Furman created a symbolic ring to commemorate the ending of a marriage. It costs $3,200, to say goodbye to someone you (used to) love.

4) Divorce cake: We all know that the cake is one of the most important parts of the whole wedding thing. But what happens when you get divorced?  You can get a cake. At least that's according Sprinkles Custom Cakes in Winter Park, Florida. They have created a few cakes for women going through a divorce. The bakery charges about $185 per cake.

3) Kitchen Utensil:  It's functional and  therapeutic, it's "The Ex" Knife Set and Holder. It's a five-piece knife set plus holder that makes for the perfect gift and a guaranteed conversation piece. The Holder is in the shape of a body with 5 slits to hold your knives. It's under 70 bucks and a great place to store the knife that was in your back.

2) Divorce Gift Registry: Did your ex get your favorite blender and electronics in the divorce? Don't worry,  you can head down to Debenhams department store and register for more. Go ahead and add stuff to your divorce gift registry. Hopefully the family members who said it wouldn't last will be willing to chip in and buy you a little, “I told you so gift.”

1) Coffin for your wedding ring: Give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place. sells the final resting place for your dead marriage's wedding ring. This will then end your suffer ring.

You know what they say, "Divorce costs a lot.....because it's worth it.