Walking through Downtown Binghamton today, I have many memories walking with my Mom and Dad, catching the latest Disney movie at The Riviera Theatre with my sisters and brother, shopping at McClains, Woolworth's, Jupiter and Fowler's, stopping by the M&D R Nuts, which I'm thrilled is still open today.  Binghamton was truly a special place.

But like so many downtown areas in the northeast, times have changed.  Binghamton has seen it's share of changing demographics and crime.

Today, walking down Court and surrounding streets finds a revitalized look.  There is a new energy here, thanks to new store, a great art presence and some excellent restaurants.

See if you remember as I invite you to take a journey with me and look at Binghamton then, and now.  See if you can spot the Townsquare Media building, home of 98.1 the HAWK.