I'll never forget the day I ran home from school and told my mom I wanted to play the violin.  She asked me if I realized how much work would be involved if I wanted to be a good player and I assured her I understood and that I was going to practice every single day.  Well, I think you can imagine how that turned out.

Some kids are more musically inclined than others and Kenija Georges of Binghamton is definitely one of them. Some might consider him a musical prodigy.

11 year old Kenijah Georges is blowing people away with his amazing talent as a saxophone player. While he's only been playing for a few years, this 11 year old is extremely gifted.

I'm blown away.  Simply stunned by the talent of this kid and can't wait to see where his talent lands him.  I'm sure a life of music is ahead, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Kenija's name is one day listed among the names of the greatest ever jazz musicians.

Check out the VERY talented Kenija performing at the Lost Dog: