I love my husband, and honestly, I love when he snores at night! But it turns out that a snoring partner could be interrupting your sleep cycle, and that could be taking years off of your life!

A lot of health issues can develop from sleeping next to a snoring partner. Studies are finding hearing loss (with the ear closest to your partner affected the most), as well as links to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke which I imagine has to do with sleep interruptions.

I hope that I am the exception because I genuinely love my husband's snoring and use it as a white noise machine of sorts. I don't think it affects me negatively, but maybe I just haven't noticed the negative side effects.

However, those partners who do notice the negatives of their partner's snoring can very much become resentful if they are struggling to get good sleep every night. Always communicate with your partner if this is becoming a problem, and maybe you can help them find a solution to why they are snoring in the first place.

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