People in the Twin Tiers will soon has a new choice for dining and indoor music just as soon as construction is completed on a new facility being called “Your Mountain House” in NEPA.

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Located just over an hour from Binghamton, New Albany, Pennsylvania is about to become home to a new, 14,000 square foot restaurant and music venue. Originally known as “The Mountain House,” this new venue will be a “unique destination” per the website for the venue.

After The Mountain House, located at 400 Hatch Hill Road in New Albany, was sold to its current owners who renamed it Your Mountain House, construction began on the original building, which has been around and has gone through several different owners for quite some time.

After its purchase, one of the first things that was done was to level the area surrounding the structure to provide parking for a few thousand vehicles. Constructed along the road by the new parking area is also an 18-foot-tall retaining wall.

At current time, construction is underway on the 14,000 square foot building which is expected to have a rustic mountain house feel where all who enter will feel enveloped in warmth and welcome.

via Your Mountain House Facebook
via Your Mountain House Facebook

According to the new owners of Your Mountain House, the food will be the pièce de résistance with a staff of full-time chefs who will prepare mouthwateringly delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Your Mountain House also plans to offer indoor and outdoor dining areas and expects it will also be able to host a variety of gatherings from intimate dining experiences to formal business dinners.

In addition to the fantastic dining options planned for Your Mountain House, the owners of this new venue say they are excited to eventually welcome musicians of all levels, from small town bands to major recording acts.

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