Get ready for ‘sudden death’ at the NYS Fair.

And by ‘sudden death’, I mean the newest extreme food making its debut at the New York State Fair this year.  According to ‘Fried Specialties’ will be debuting the “Sudden Death” as the most extreme food of the fair.  Including two burgers, mac and cheese, more cheese, deep fried pork belly, and bacon, the “Sudden Death” looks exactly that- as well as delicious.

The  burgers are actually stuffed with the mac and cheese, and even more cheddar is thrown on.  Then comes the deep fried pork belly, and then that is all wrapped in about half a pound of bacon and deep fried.  You can get it served with cheese sauce, or other sauces.  I have to say, there’s no way I could finish it, but it sure looks worthy of a try, or even a bite.  I am all about unhealthy and delicious fair food, from buckets of loaded fries to fried dough.  So here’s to anyone trying the sudden death- good luck!

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