Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken [RECIPE]
Bacon has achieved cult status and taken on a life of its own. From bacon lip balm (I own some) to bacon band-aids (yep, I've got those too) to bacon candy-canes (you betcha, I've got 'em) bacon is all the craze these days.
Research Finds Link Between Bacon and Cancer
Before I got pregnant, I was mildly obsessed with bacon. And then the strangest thing happened- in my second trimester, just looking at a picture of bacon made me sick. While I don't get violently ill by simply looking at bacon anymore, my appetite for it has decreased substantially and it&apos…
Why is Bacon So Addicting?
Welcome to 2015 where literally EVERYTHING is bacon. And I don't just mean strips of fatty goodness in virtually every dish. I'm talking bacon flavored toothpaste and breath mints, bacon bandages and lip balm. You name it, there's probably a bacon version of it.
Wake Up to the Smell of Bacon With New Alarm Clock
I set my slow cooker before I went to bed last night to cook lunch for today. The good news is that my slow cooker has a timer and automatically shuts off. The bad news is that I woke up to the smell of pork chops and was so confused as to why my house smelled like food.
Bacon Beer Milkshake
Texas Motor Speedway has just become my favorite race spot and I’ve never even been there. It’s all thanks to their Shake ‘n Bacon Brew Milkshake.
So what is the bacon beer milkshake?  Pretty much what you’d imagine: a combination of ice crea…

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