Can you imagine how depressing it must be to be sausage? Every day, competing against bacon and losing.

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I read a crazy story last week about how bacon sales are down because of COVID-19 and I can't wrap my head around that. If anything, my house has consumed more bacon these last few weeks because we're actually sitting down and eating breakfast together more often.

According to Food and Wine, "The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that the price of pork bellies has dropped to 41 cents per pound, which is the lowest they've been since 1999."

On the flip side, meat sales are up. So, why are bacon sales down so drastically? Food and Wine put it this way, "Shoppers haven't completely abandoned buying bacon, it's just that most of us would rather have it at a restaurant or from a fast food joint than to cook it for ourselves." In other words, we're still eating bacon but the bacon that we're eating is on food, like burgers, that we're ordering to-go and no so much what we're making at home.

What types of meat are we scooping up at the supermarket? Ground beef, chicken breasts, pork loin, beef short loin, and beef chuck.

So, while bacon sales are sizzling out and prices remain lower than usual, just remember this- bacon can be frozen and if you've got a vacuum sealer, it'll last for several months. My advice? Stock up now.

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