Who knew that the coronavirus pandemic would make us miss all the little things in life? A hug from a parent or loved one, having a chat in the break room with a co-worker, or simply just getting a cup of coffee with friends. I think it definitely makes people appreciate the little things in life because all these things have ceased since the Stay at Home order was put in place by our Governor. The shut down included restaurants, bars, gyms and hair salons. Restaurants are allowed to be open only for take-out and some restaurants have not even reopened at all. Most coffee shops have only had their drive-thrus open, so even if people wanted their favorite coffee, they have to wait in a huge line for it, or just go into the coffee shop and get their coffee and leave. So I know coffee lovers everywhere are suffering.

Uber Eats has a way for you to send your bff a coffee from Starbucks according to Delish.com. It's so simple, and so genius. When you order your coffee through Uber Eats, instead of putting in your address for delivery, you just put in your friend's address. You can even let them know you're sending one to them, you know just so they're not freaked out. I have to say, if I got coffee sent to me randomly, I'd be like UMMMMM, so it's good you can let them know it's coming. Another cool thing, I can send my Great Aunt Fran some coffee in Illinois. As long as there is Uber Eats there, you can send a coffee, there is no distance limit.

For more info on this awesome way to spread some love, check out this article from Delish.

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