If you love gazing up at the stars, July has been a great month for you so far and it looks like it will get even better.

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According to a Tweet from ABC News, this month you will have the chance to see 5 different planets in the sky. Those planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

According to ABC News, The only planet that won't be visible for the whole summer is Mercury.

Mercury will be gone by the end of the month, but the other four planets will be marching across the sky all summer long.

Of course, you still have a chance to see the NEOWISE comet in the sky. You will have to around July 23rd to catch this comet. It won't pass Earth again for another 6.800 years.

Also, a reminder that a possible double meteor shower will also be visible on July 28th and July 29th.


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