If you and your family always wanted to be on a game show together, this could be your big break. There is a casting call for family and friends to be on a new game show called "Don't". According to WKBW, ABC is doing a nationwide search for families or friends of four ready to try out their new game show called "Don't". There isn't much information on what this game show is all about but we do know a few things and how to apply.

Ryan Reynolds is the Executive Producer of the game show that they say will "challenge groups of four to take on a bunch of challenges and tasks". The one rule is "don't". We aren't sure what that exactly entails. You and your team could win up to $100,000.

They would ideally like family members to try-out, but they will accept groups of friends, tight-knit units and even co-workers to apply. Everyone must be over eighteen. To apply and get more details, click here. The best part, you will only have to give up one day in August to film.

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