The ultimate Yellowstone insider is proving to be the show's youngest cast member. Brecken Merrill plays Tate Dutton, grandson to Kevin Costner's John Dutton on the show. On social media, the teen spills all the tea.

During the buildup to Season 4 of Yellowstone, Merrill has been posting pictures from the set that show him palling around with his fellow cast members. He is also prone to sharing stories of how the adults treat him. Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), he says, was once so nervous about him being afraid of how she looked after being beaten up that she went out of her way to show him that it was all makeup.

That picture and more are part of this video. You can also see some of the best photos below, including a picture from a scene that was filmed, but never shown. It's not an exaggeration to say that the most dramatic thing that's ever happened to Tate hit the cutting room floor.

On Merrill's Instagram, he often uses birthdays to reflect on an actor's influence on him, or to show how they all get along. For example, he teases Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton) about his pleated denim jacket and recalls how hot it was the day they filmed. There's a lot of great content with Costner, including behind-the-scenes photos from pivotal moments, like when his character fell in a rushing river during Season 1. As it turns out, the crew had a working hot tub on set for him to jump into between takes.

attachment-brecken hot tub

The scene Yellowstone fans never got to see is the kidnapping scene that came during the next-to-last episode of Season 2. It was cut because everyone felt there would be more suspense without it, but the moment exists on digital film somewhere. Furthermore, Merrill shares it was filmed as they started filming for Season 3, which led to some continuity issues — he grew four inches between seasons!

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Season 4 of Yellowstone begins on Nov. 7 on the Paramount Network. The show picks up after John, Beth and Kayce Dutton (Tate's dad) were attacked, and presumably wounded. Promos for the show promise that revenge will be a heavy theme during this new season.

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