Can we add another word to the 'swear word' list? I'd like to submit the word 'winter.' Yes, it's a personal opinion. I don't like winter. Never did, never will. Don't even try to convince me that winter is a great season.

Will I someday move away to a climate that is more spring or summer-friendly all year long? Probably not. I'll just pout every winter that I spend in this part of the country. It's my prerogative.

But that Don Morgan pity party aside, let's talk about what may be in store for the upcoming winter season, since we (or many of us at least) will be dealing with whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

via AccuWeather
via AccuWeather

AccuWeather has come out with their 2021-2022 winter season forecast. Will we experience similar wrath of weather experienced last winter? I certainly hope not. For those of us in the greater Binghamton area, snowfall records were broken. Only a town in Maine had more snow than we experienced last winter season. Don't want that honor again, but here's a quick look from AccuWeather.

"Accuweather is predicting some similarities this year compared to last winter due to a weather phenomenon known as La Niña."

via AccuWeather
via AccuWeather

Oh, I don't like the sound of that. For the Northeastern part of the country (that's us, my friend), AccuWeather experts are thinking it will be colder with the possibility of making use of our snow shovels and snowblowers early in the season.

A first batch of cold air is expected to come into the northeast in November, and with it comes a chance of snow, AccuWeather notes, but that 's expected to let up by mid-December.

January is the month they say to keep an eye on though. This is when there is a good possibility of another period of frigid air that could certainly provide the catalyst for disruptive snowstorms. A period of temperatures becoming more mild that normally happens in January will likely occur in February instead, leading to snow and ice melt before an end to the winter season and start to spring bring a solid chance of nor'easters causing havoc.

Well, the way I look at it, winter is winter in the Northeast, and it's like rolling dice as to just how much snow, ice and cold temperatures will make an appearance from October to April (or May.) I've got my sites set on May 1st, the first day of camping season. Just seven long, cold months to go.

For more in-depth winter forecasts for the upcoming season, visit the AccuWeather website.

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