I've been obsessed with reading and with books for my entire life. As an adult, I've got a collection of several thousand books (which thrills my non-reader husband), but when I was a kid, I always took books out of the library because my mom thought our library of a couple hundred books was big enough.

I remember when I was in middle school and took out a few books from the library at my church. I read them and returned them. Or so I thought. Turns out I'd misplaced one of the books and the church librarian wouldn't let me forget it. He mentioned it to me every Sunday and even sent a letter to my house and called a few times. I finally found the book and turned it in. A month late.

A woman in New Zealand just returned a book that she'd checked out from a library 67 years ago. The librarian at my old church would have had a heart attack!

Epsom Community Library shared a photo on Facebook of the book the woman had checked out when she was just a little girl in 1948. The book was by AW Reed and was called Myths and Legends of Maoriland.

Librarian Zoe Cornelius wore on Facebook, "She seemed a bit embarrassed but I was pleased because she said she had read and enjoyed the book many times over the decades and that made me happy--that the book had been in a good home and loved."

The woman wasn't charged a late fee because she was a child when she'd checked it out, but had she been an adult when she checked it out of the library, she would have been charged $17,000 for it being 24,605 days past its due date!

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