Do you remember when you were a child in school and the feeling of excitement that would creep into your chest when your teacher told you that one of the projects you had to do was to create a diorama?

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I lived for diorama projects when I was in school, but I can't remember a time that I was ever encouraged to make a diorama based on my favorite book and I'm a bit glad because I had so many favorite books that it would have been impossible to pick.

My husband and I are homeschool parents and always searching for fun educational things to do with our 7-year-old and when we stumbled on something the Susquehanna County Library in Montrose was inviting children to be part of, we knew it would be great for our son: making a diorama, using Peeps, based on a favorite book.

We asked our son which book he wanted his diorama to be based on and my child selected the book "Geroge Washington" by Calista McCabe Courtenay because every child's favorite book is such a grown-up one right?

My son truly loves George Washington and loves to point out that they share a birthday and were/are both homeschooled and he had so much fun making his "George WashingPeep" diorama and I can only imagine how much fun all of the other kids had as they made theirs.

So much creativity went into the Peep dioramas and each and every child should be proud of the job that they did. I just love seeing kids get excited about reading and using their imaginations!

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Twin Tiers area children let their imaginations run wild when creating these adorable dioramas, using Peeps, based on their favorite book. The dioramas were displayed at the Susquehanna County Library in Montrose.

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