Amanda J. Hadlock (nee. Rebello) is a native of the Southern Tier who is officially seeing her lifelong dream of becoming a published author happen today with the release of her book “Fighting Forgiveness.”

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Amanda grew up in Vestal/Choconut, right on the New York/Pennsylvania border and attended OLS Seton up until the 9th grade when she switched to Montrose Area High School from where she graduated.

A lifelong lover of writing, Amanda says that writing was never a conscious decision for her, rather something she has been doing for as long as she can remember and fondly remembers a tiny little notebook she had as child and the story that spilled out on its pages.

Fostering Amanda’s love of writing were several teachers but she says that Mrs. Kaub, her English and Journalism teacher at Montrose High School, and Mrs. Jacobson, her middle school English teacher at OLS Seton both left an especially strong lasting impression on her.

Today, Amanda lives in Texas and has a full house with her husband, three dogs, and two off the track thoroughbreds. When she isn’t writing, Amanda participates in barrel racing and it is from that lifestyle that Amanda draws inspiration for her writing. Each of the books that will be published as part of the Fighting Forgiveness series will features characters involved in the world in one way or another.

Amanda says that her favorite author is Kari Lynn Dell and that she reads and re-reads her books all of the time. Amanda is also a big fan of Lorelei James who writes in the same genre as Amanda which is contemporary western romance (although Amanda says Dell’s books are a bit more steamy than hers).

Amanda says that the characters in her book have lived inside her head for a very long time and that it’s incredible to see them come to life on the pages of a book that anyone in the world will be able to read thanks to it being sold on Amazon.

Book one in the Saving Grace Sanctuary Series by Amanda J. Hadlock is called “Fighting Forgiveness” and it can be purchased for Kindle through Amazon. When you purchase it, you will see that it has been dedicated to a very special woman, Amanda's grandmother. Amanda's grandmother was an editor for English teacher for many years and is the one who taught Amanda her ABCs and first encouraged her writing.

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