Have you noticed that there seem to be a lot more animals roaming around during the day than there were just a few years ago? I'm not talking about cats and dogs, although I seem to notice more people walking dogs than I have before.

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What I'm talking about is animals we don't normally see roaming in places that we don't expect to see them at. I'm seeing wildlife animals along roadways, in fields, popping their heads out of ditches, and walking across lawns they don't normally walk along.

I was visiting a friend on Monday and out popped a pair of foxes out of the high grass. I watched as they fox-trotted across the field without a care in the world. I have another friend who lives in a rural area so it isn't unusual for her to see animals all the time.

However a strange thing happened on Monday as there were animals and they were literally everywhere. She told me that they had a really bad storm on Sunday in Northeast Pennsylvania and when she was driving home from work, there was an entire family of turkeys walking down the MIDDLE of the road.

Daddy, mama, and turkey babies all in a line without a care in the world. Then she pulled into her driveway and she was greeted by three baby bears who were playing in her front yard...the only thing missing was goldilocks.

As she headed into her house, there by the back door was a baby fox and its mom just sunning themselves in the grass. But wait there's more...It got even stranger as a neighbor called to tell her there was an entire flock of sheep just walking in a neat group near the house (I wonder if she started to feel sleepy)

Finally a flock of Canadian geese were seen running through the front yard. This is just one instance of seeing so many animals but it's not the only time. It's kind of crazy...right?

Wild Animals Are Getting Braver

So, why are so many animals out? According to PEW Research, its not just in our imaginations. Animals have gotten braver and they are moving into more suburban areas. PEW Research says that a big reason we're seeing more wildlife there is because "Many have been forced out of their natural habitat by development, and an abundance of food and lack of predators make cities a good home."

Travis Gallo teaches urban ecology at George Mason University and says, “Animals are just savvy, and they’re starting to adapt because development is pushing them into cities."

Have you seen any wildlife at your home recently that you wouldn't have seen in the same spot only a few years ago?

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