I actually had some extra time this morning and how did I spend it? I was thinking about the use of time. I bet you didn't see that coming...Neither did I.

We all know someone that is always late and if you don't, then it's probably you. When you are late and not on time, you are wasting other peoples time. If you wasted someone's money, you feel awful. Why don't we feel as bad when we waste someone's time?

Time like money can be spent and the great use of time is to spend it on something that will outlast your time. Here's the catch, it's going to take some time. Think about this, if you devote yourself to yourself then you'll have nothing but yourself to show for yourself. You might have to read that again.

On this Teacher Appreciation Day, I appreciate how they taught me to use my time (and talents) wisely. I think about the other positive influences in my life. My parents, coaches and pastors. Who was it for you? Maybe it's neighbor, high school friend or someone at work that took the time to invest in you.

The positive difference they made in your life has helped shape who you are and they may not even be around any more. Their time outlasted them.

The thief of time is procrastination and it'll give us many excuses. It's amazing that we find excuses for the things that we don't want to do but somehow find the "time" for the things that are important. Don't take the time to change your mind and do it now.

Are you making time for the things that mean the most to you? Because if you're not, in the end, the only thing you'll only be left with is......regret. Now I just have to take the time and listen to my own advice.


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