Some people complain about how Christmas is so over-commercialized and how greed has drained all the charm out of the holiday season, but I don't think that's true at all. Actually, I think that's only the case if a person allows it to be that way.

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Think about it- no matter what's going on in the world, kids still wake up Christmas morning to presents under the tree, lights still twinkle, and families put aside their differences if only for a few hours, to catch up and feast on delicious food and exchange gifts. And while this tradition has become a little outdated, there's still the off-chance that you’ll spot someone you like standing under the mistletoe, which means a Christmas kiss!

Mistletoe has been considered to be magical for centuries. Did you know that mistletoe even stopped wars, if only for a day? It's true. The Scandinavians considered mistletoe to be a plant of peace and the "rule" was that enemies passing beneath mistletoe had to set their weapons aside and take a break from any fighting, at least until the next day.

As the years went by, the mistletoe tradition changed from enemies setting aside their weapons to kissing. By the 18th century, the believe started to roll around that if a  young woman were to find herself under some mistletoe during Christmastime, she couldn't refuse a kiss because if she did, she wouldn't get married the following year and back then, no young woman wanted to turn into an old maid.  If the young woman standing under the mistletoe accepted a kiss, the belief was that the kiss would lead to deep romance, or lasting friendship, which is something most young ladies dreamed of.

And now you know, this is why people kiss under the mistletoe to this day!

Just remember, if you're the one initiating the kiss, you might want to get a clear "yes" or "no" answer said before a witness before you plant a peck. Because, you know,.

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