For the past month now, my Facebook and Twitter feeds have been overrun with memes talking about how it’s time to get ready for Halloween; most of which, poked fun at the fact that people started preparing for it on July 5th. While I agree that it was a little early then to start celebrating, it got me thinking about something: why do we celebrate holidays for so long when they’re only one day in the year?

Simply enough, the “spirit of the holidays,” so to speak, isn’t limited to just that day. When you think about it, don’t you think about Halloween and Thanksgiving when you think about fall? What about the holiday season and New Year’s when you think of winter? Spring, you think of Easter, right? Independence Day for summer? They have become a part of the culture for different seasons, so preparing for those holidays just becomes a chance to celebrate the new part of the year.

As well, they give everyone something to look forward to. Having a rough week? Want something to be excited about? Have no fear, Halloween is coming soon! Well, have a little fear I guess, if that’s how you like to celebrate. But celebrating it early gets you excited and looking forward, rather than being stuck in a less than perfect present. Heck, I have a few productive plans of my own for October, and it gets me in a working mood!

In short, why celebrate just for one day when you can make it a month? Doesn’t that sound more exciting than just celebrating one day and then going back to normal life? I say let the holidays be seasons in of themselves!

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