We all have it, and we may hate to admit it. We all have the snack drawer. It’s a drawer at your desk or at home that contains loose pieces of chocolates, some Doritos, even some old cough drops. Everyone in the family or the office knows where it’s at

But, you have another snack drawer, or hiding spot, that others don’t know about. Its your little secret hideaway.

You take solace in knowing no one is going to find your little spot.

The food company Crispy Green just discovered that 66% of moms confessed that they hide their favorites snacks from their family. A whopping 73% admit to eating a snack in a private place so their kids don’t ask for a bite. The survey also reported that 1 in 4 women have a designated hiding spot where they hide all their favorite goodies from their family.

Over the years I have found my mom’s secret hiding spot for her Christmas cookies, and every year I sneak a few.

This past year I didn’t live at home. The only people in my parents’ house were my dog, my dad, my mom, and occasionally my sister. So, when I get blamed for putting a crack in the hidden cookie container I was floored!

Just because my reputation says I most like ate them doesn’t mean I’m automatically guilty!


[via Mommyish]

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