Now that Christmas is over and the new year is almost here, a lot of people are getting ready to take down the tree and decorations but there's no rule of thumb for when to do it.  For some, the tree gets taken down as soon as Christmas is over and for others, they hang onto the tree until the needles are all falling off and it's obvious that it's very dried out.  In my family, we take down our indoor Christmas decorations (tree included) on New Year's Day.  The outdoor lights usually stay up until the end of January.

Of course, if you have an artificial tree then you could be one of those people who leaves the tree up for months just to bask in its uplifting glow. Is that you? Where do you fall in all that? Please answer the poll below...

If you have a REAL tree, then here's something to keep in mind. Your tree can be recycled and chipped up by your local municipality or county solid waste program. Much of the time, this involves simply leaving your tree out on the curb in your town for collection. If you don't have that service offered to you, you can let birds and squirrels enjoy it outside on your property for the winter and then dispose of it or cut it up for firewood. It's always great to repurpose the tree when you're done with it after the holidays.

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All this talk of activity might be making you thirsty so feel free to check this out...

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