Yesterday I opened the 5 o’clock hour of my show talking about smells. This all came about from the fresh coat of paint in our downstairs studio kitchen.

As I sat in my office yesterday the smell of fresh paint flooded the hallways and studio, while most would complain I actually enjoyed the stench. For some reason it had a calming effect.

I began to think of smells that were comforting to me or took me to a time and place in my life. Anytime I wash my dishes the smell of the soap, water, and food scraps is usually disgusting, but brings me back to one of my first jobs washing dishes at a bar. The smell of the gym and cleaning products reminds me that wrestling season is right around the corner.

There is a distinct smell to fall and football. It’s a mixture of the musk of the moist air and the dirt on the field. Even the cold hard bleachers have an aroma to them, but it takes you back to a time and place that I once enjoyed.

One of our listeners said she loves the smell of newspaper. It reminds her of sitting with her dad reading the Saturday morning funnies. Another caller said they enjoy the smell of horse sweat, it reminds them of being free and riding around on their favorite horse. Two listeners even said they enjoy the smell of skunk!

It I crazy how a little hint of an aroma can take us back to a great memory or even one little second in time. What kind of smells give you happy memories or calm you down?


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