Everywhere that we turn we are getting bombarded with bad and crazy news. This world is changing fast and we are all feeling the stress around us. I'd gotten so caught up in it, that I almost forgot about a very important event that is happening today, September 9th.

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I woke up this morning and realized my daughter, Tara is beginning her senior year at Chenango Valley. Where has the time gone and how did this little girl grow up so fast. Here are some of my favorite memories and pictures of us.

Tara And Glenn Through The Years

This girl has been such an earthly blessing from my heavenly Father and she has changed me for the better in so many ways. For all the parents that are having their child going to school for the last year, I know exactly how you feel.

Good luck to all the seniors and I'm praying for a normal-type year for all of you.

Here are some country songs that make me think of her?

Look: Glenn and Traci Through the Years

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