It all began 48 years ago when he was in the fourth grade.

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Glenn Pitcher was traveling in the car with his parents and the radio was turned on. The song that was playing was 'Rock The Boat' by The Hues Corporation and the DJ said he liked the song so much that he was going to play it again. And so he did.

Nine-year-old Glenn knew in that very moment that he wanted to be just like the disc jockey inside the dash of his parent's car. He wanted to be the one to play the music and talk to the people.

After graduating from Northeast Bradford, Glenn attended college at East Stroudsburg University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Media Communications. Following college, Glenn's first job in radio, albeit unpaid, was at WESS-FM on the grounds of East Stroudsburg University. Glenn's first paying radio job was in 1984 at WSBG-FM in Stroudsburg. From there, Glenn jumped around from station to station but this hometown boy knew in his heart where he belonged and that was right here in Binghamton.

Glenn started working at 98.1 The Hawk in 1994 as a part-time DJ and picked up full-time in 1996. September 2000 is when Glenn started on the Hawk Morning Show and this is where he has been for the last 21 years, waking up and entertaining the Southern Tier.

This week marks Glenn's 25th year of full-time employment at 98.1 The Hawk and we asked people to share their memories and special messages with him. If you'd like to let Glenn know how much you've appreciated listening to him over the last 25 years, you can email him at

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