People can get themselves in trouble when they decide to it's time to call it a career and take it easy for the rest of their life. I've said for the longest time that "they know what they are retiring from but they don't think about what they are retiring to." The same could be said about marriage, where all the focus is on the wedding day and reception but not the next day.

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I used to be a wedding DJ and I've run into a couple of people who have said that the best part of their marriage was the wedding reception. I didn't ask if I was that good or their spouse was that bad.

They concentrated so much on the "living happily before" that they never thought about the "living happily ever after." As most of us know now, it may happen that way in the movies but not in real life.

Anyway, back to retirement, one thing that I've learned from this coronavirus pandemic is that I hadn't thought about what I wanted to do when I'm through here...until now. I'm going to join a group called the "Radio Recliners."

It's residents at senior living communities throughout the country. They are real Resident DJ's that take requests, dedicate songs, and tell stories. The hours aren't bad either, it's from Noon to 1 p.m.everyday.

The current personalities include DJ Miss Fancy Pants and DJ Karokee Cowboy. I could finally live my dream of being "DJ Mark the Gator Gatnick" playing the hits that's number 1 on the charts and number 1 in your hearts.

It's good to have goals and I think I found my newest one. I'll finally be able to say (BIG BOY VOICE) "Tune in, lock it on, and TURN IT UP!!

What's your goal when you retire?

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