I've been getting asked more and more about when I'm going to retire. I don't know if they are trying to tell me something or not, but I really don't know. When I've had chats with my friends that are considering calling it a career, I usually ask them, "you know what you are retiring from but do you know what you're retiring to?"

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I really haven't' thought about it much, but when my broadcaster days are done, I want to be a part of a group called the "Radio Recliners." They are residents of senior living communities throughout the country.

They are real resident DJs that take requests, dedications, and tell stories. You can call in a request anytime by calling (855) 863-0050. Remember those days, when you could call in a request and get it played.

The current personalities include "DJ Hattie with a Hadditude" from Summer Village. She loves hats but she also has an attitude. Then there's "DJ the Buckeye" from Somerby Franklin. He tries to make everybody laugh because to grow old is mandatory but to grow up is optional.

It's a way for residents throughout the country to stay connected while confined to their rooms and their motto is  "Keeping Apart, Staying Together." You can go here to find out how to be a Resident DJ too. 

I want to rock-n-roll in my rocking chair like them someday too. It's good to have goals and I think I found my newest one. I'll finally be able to say in my BIG BOY VOICE "Tune in, lock it on, and TURN IT UP!!

By the way, if you would like to help out the residents of our local nursing homes, we would love to have you participate in our Making Spirits Bright Christmas Card Campaign.

We're looking for signed Christmas cards and drawings from kids that we'll deliver to homes for them to hand out to their residents. We need the cards earlier this year because of the pandemic.

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