Very few professions allow a person to leave an impact on others, one which stays with a person decades following their encounter. Teaching is one of those careers which has the power to literally change lives.

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After an incredible 40 years of molding, educating, and influencing students in the Binghamton School District, Mr. Marc Clifford, an 8th-grade science teacher, will retire at the end of January. In celebration of his lifelong dedication to the education of our community and of his retirement, Mr. Clifford's daughter, Perri, would like nothing more than for her dad to know the impact he had on his students in the Binghamton School District.

In a post on Facebook about her dad's retirement, Perri Clifford illustrated just how loved her dad is,

There’s not a single place he goes where he doesn’t run into someone he met while teaching. I’ve spent numerous hours, standing next to him in line at Sam’s club or target, while he chatted with a former student, student’s parent, substitute teacher he met once, and so on.

Comments left on Perri's post mention echo her comments about her dad being well-loved. One student mentioned that she had Mr. Clifford as a teacher over 20 years ago and she still thinks of him as "kind, patient, and fun." A co-worker commented that working with Mr. Clifford was "one of my greatest joys as a teacher."

If your life or the life of someone you know was impacted by Mr. Clifford, please reach out to his daughter and let her know.

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