The spelling of the word "woman" has sparked something of a debate in New York, with many pushing for a change to the more inclusive spelling of "womxn."

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While the "womxn" spelling isn't new, there has been a recent push for more gender-inclusive language however, there are most definitely controversies surrounding the idea of changing the traditional spelling of "woman."

Where Did "Womxn" Originate?

The term "womxn" first emerged in the 1970s in an effort to challenge the traditional spelling of "woman" and the association of the word with men being the dominant gender. When the term was created, the idea was to create a more inclusive term that recognized the experiences and identities of marginalized communities, such as transgender and non-binary individuals. Recently, however, the spelling of "womxn" has been a topic of debate, with some arguing that changing the spelling is just unnecessary and confusing.

The Use of "Womxn" in New York

The debate over the spelling of "woman" has taken center stage in various parts of the country, including in New York following the announcement from a New York college that it would begin using the term "womxn" instead of "women." The move by John Jay College of Criminal Justice launched a heated debate with some applauding the change for its inclusivity and others criticizing it as unnecessary political correctness.

Arguments in Favor of "Womxn"

Those in favor of the term "womxn" becoming more commonly used argue that it is a more inclusive and progressive spelling of the word "woman" and show hope to represent and include individuals who identify outside of the gender binary.

Arguments Against "Womxn"

Those strongly opposed to using the term "womxn" say the term "womxn" is not inclusive, but actually exclusive, excluding women who do not identify as transgender or non-binary but instead creates a new category that will only serve to further separate women from other groups.

Reactions from New Yorkers Over "Womxn"

As news of the debate in New York over the term "womxn" has spread, it has sparked a variety of reactions from residents. One resident of Upstate New York said, "I don't understand why we need to change the spelling of 'woman.' Political correctness has gone too far." Another Upstate New York resident said, "Times are changing and we need to change with them. It's time that women step out from behind men and get the recognition we deserve for being able to stand on our own."

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