Before I was married, we used to celebrate Valentine's Week. I would get her a red gift every day and the present would get larger and more expensive until we got to Valentine's Day. Now it's one present on Valentine's Day...maybe.

Here's some free advice from me and I know you still aren't getting your money's worth.

If you don't want your loved one to be as cold as the temperature (it's supposed to be in the mid 30's) then plan ahead.

If it's flowers that you have in mind, you want to send the right message. It could be the difference between "oh yeah" and "oh no." So here's my help.

'Oh yeah!' - Flowers to send and what it means.

  • Red tulips: Declaration of love
  • Dalila: Elegance/Dignity
  • Blue violet: Faithfulness
  • Roses: Love (or honey, these are the flowers I think you want me to get you)

'Oh no' - Here are flowers you want to avoid (unless this is what you really want to say).

  • Daffodil: Uncertainty
  • White carnation: Disdain
  • Mint: Suspicion
  • Lavender: Mistrust
  • Black Poppy: Hatred or Farewell
  • Dead Flowers: Whoops, I forgot I had these in the car.

Be on the safe side and get her a gift certificate from a floral shop. That says, "I took the time to go to a flower place but I know I'm going to get the wrong kind of flowers for you."

Don't forget that Valentine's Day is on Thursday and good luck!

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