April 16th is "Wear Pajamas to Work Day." This holiday is designed to ease your financial stress the day after "Tax Day."  The IRS has extended the tax deadline to May 17th for everyone but one group. If you are feeling financial stress, here are some ways to help you get through it.

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If you are still working at home, it may be easier for you to celebrate today and if your kids are still remote learning, you could all participate together. Have a little Pajama Party with milk and cookies for lunch...or breakfast.

I know when my kids were young, they would have LOVED having cookies early in the day...okay, they would still like it now and so would I.

The Benefits of Wearing Pajamas to Work

One upside to wearing pajamas to work is that you can sleep in a little and you don't need to plan what you need to wear because you are already wearing it. If you have a Zoom meeting planned for today, this could be a great opportunity to have everyone involved participate and show off their morning best.

This is a great bonding opportunity for everyone at your job and it's a way to show that your comfortable letting people see another side of you.

Before you do though, you may want to get your boss's opinion on wearing PJ's to work.  Although if they are working at home, he/she may be honoring today already...and yesterday...and Wednesday.

Whether you are at home or have returned to the office, I say "Go For It." I know that's easy for me to say because I would wear my PJ's just because it's Friday.

Three Reasons to Ditch Your Pajamas

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