If you're trying to decide what to wear to work or play on Friday, February 3rd, I think I can help. First of all, dress extremely warm because of the frigid forecast with Wind Chills at -15 during the day and -30 on Friday night. BRRRR!

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What else can you wear on Friday? Easy answer...Red! Friday, February 3rd is National Wear Red Day. We are all encouraged to wear red to support the special women in our lives. For me, it's my mother (Donna), sister (Michelle), my daughters (Riley and Tara) and my morning sidekick (Traci). What about you?

Honoring My Daughters On "Wear Red For Women" Day

Dawn Pitcher
Dawn Pitcher

This is a way to help spread awareness and come together in the fight against the nation's #1 killer...heart disease. We don't want to lose even one woman (even the ones that we aren't fond of) to cardiovascular disease.

Heart Disease In Women

I was shocked when I found out that more than one in three women is living with some form of cardiovascular disease. I named five important ladies in my life and the thought of any of them having that dreaded disease scares the crapola out of me.

As scary as that is, this is even scarier. Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths every year and that's more than all the cancers put together. Heart disease and stroke can effect a woman at any age.

Take a moment to watch what Dr. Myles Munro has to say about "Whatever you give a woman, she will take it, multiple it and give it back." It is so true and the sooner we learn this lesson, the better. Good and funny stuff.

A Woman Multiplies What You Give Her - Dr. Myles Munroe

Here are some other facts about women and heart disease that we all should know about. We love our women so let's do what we can to keep them around for as long as we can.

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