There was a study that was done in 2019 that stated there were around 40 million adults in the U.S. that struggle with depression. With coronavirus cases still high along with the chaos and political unrest this country is going through, it has to be much higher today.

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Let's not forget about job losses and parents trying to homeschool their kids, it is a depressing time for many. I've seen some people who are really feeling depressed today and they feel that the change coming our way isn't going to make it better.

It can be more than sadness, if you start to feel empty, restless, or have trouble concentrating then it could be depression. When we feel this way, most of us don't want to let it show.

We want to deal with it on our own.WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! We were not created to be alone and the enemy wants to separate us from others. It's like the lions trying to separate a wildebeest from the herd.

It's easier to take the animal down when it's by itself, so don't be the wildebeest. I know that it's easier said than done and I've been there myself. Reach out to others, you might be surprised by how many people want to be there for you, and in return, you can be there for them.

Here are some suggestions that I think will help you:

Volunteer: You'll be helping out those that are less fortunate than you. You'll gain perspective on your own life...and you'll meet some awesome people.

Find a bible-believing church: It's the perfect place to meet imperfect people like you.

Seek professional help: It gives you a chance to slow things down and have a chat with someone who listens and wants the best for you.

Doing nothing is not the answer, I know because I've tried that before.

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