Today Traci and I were talking about a man who got a ticket for starting his car in the driveway and then going back into the house while it warmed up. An officer gave him a ticket because vehicles were being stolen out of people's driveway. So he learned his lesson the $128 hard way.

I live on a main street that is well traveled and police cars go by fairly often. So it was a surprise when someone broke in and "borrowed" my neighbor's car a few years ago.

Apparently someone needed to get to town and since we don't have Uber, they decided to borrow it. They found it abandoned later with nothing taken but it could have been a lot worse.

We were getting stories about cars that had been stolen, "borrowed" and repossessed. It's funny until it happen to you and then it's no laughing matter.

It makes you feel unsafe and angry. When someone breaks into your car, it's very scary. Make sure you lock your car and never leave anything of value in sight, even if the vehicle is locked.

Police say vehicle break-ins can spike in activity and you should secure your property.  You are also reminded that you should always make sure your homes is locked, even during the day.

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