Just about every business decorates for Halloween. Some of the decorations are more extravagant than others. Take for instance Angelo's II restaurant in Monongalia Pennsylvania.

The restaurant in this Pittsburgh suburb went all out for Halloween this year. The Italian restaurant has huge green inflatable tentacles coming out of the second and third story windows, and a giant inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on the roof.

At night, the tentacles light up in a bright green color, and of course, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is all white just like he was in the 1984 movie classic, 'Ghostbusters'.

According to CNN, Halloween is not the only holiday that the Angelo's II decorates for. Around Christmas time you can find an oversized Santa on the roof of Angelo's II and the front of the restaurant turns into a giant Christmas tree.

WTAE, a television station in Pittsburgh, acquired drone video of the entire display. You can check that out here.

It is a great marketing ploy because it has people all around the United States talking about it, including us here in Binghamton New York.

I think the businesses in the Twin Tiers need to step up their game, because I would definitely patronize that establishment, and just think of all the free advertising they would receive as a result.

[via:CNN/WTAE/Movieclips Youtube]

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