We all know that things are different this year because of COVID-19 including Halloween. One thing that I noticed is that many people starting decorating their houses for Halloween MUCH EARLIER this year. Some houses in Chenango Bridge started getting in the "spirit" of the season in September.

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I get it, we all want something to look forward to, and decorating the house inside and out for Halloween is one of them. Most have decorated their house sensibly but I'm convinced that others had too much time on their hands and didn't know when to stop.

Do you feel like you've overdone it when it comes to decorating your house for Halloween? Here's our simple test to see if, in fact, you've GONE TOO FAR!!

You spend more on Halloween decorations than on your wedding reception...Both can be scary and full of unexpected surprises.

You scare other family members on a regular basis...without meaning too.

Every roadkill you cause, you see as a haunted house decoration...I'm sorry, I meant "every roadkill you see."

It's going to be a weird Halloween and we'll be able to celebrate it an hour longer with a Halloween full moon. Because it's 2020, there is even something different with the full moon this year too.

As I've pointed out before, Halloween is the perfect holiday for 2020.

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