With Halloween just days away, horror movie lovers in New York are gearing up for a terrifying movie marathon this weekend.

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According to rankings on a state-by-state basis compiled by Casinos.com, these are the top 10 most popular horror movies in New York.

#1 Halloween Ends

With an impressive average Google Trends score of 96, "Halloween Ends" takes the top spot as the favorite horror movie of New Yorkers.

#2 The Exorcist

Known for its spine-tingling terror, "The Exorcist" claims second place with an average Google Trends score of 94.

#3 A Nightmare on Elm Street

This iconic slasher film featuring the villainous Freddy Krueger takes third place in New York, scoring an average of 93 on Google Trends.

#4 Saw X

The infamous Saw franchise's tenth installment secures fourth place among horror movie connoisseurs in the state, with a Google Trends score of 92.

#5 The Shining

Stanley Kubrick's psychological thriller "The Shining" ranks fifth in New York, earning a solid average score of 91.

#6 Scream

This '90s slasher-comedy classic grabs the sixth spot on the list, with a Google Trends score of 90.

#7 IT

Based on Stephen King's novel, "IT" frightens its way to seventh place in New York, scoring 89 on Google Trends.

#8 Insidious

Delving into the supernatural, "Insidious" claims eighth place with an average Google Trends score of 88.

#9 The Boogeyman

Tied for eighth place is "The Boogeyman," another horror favorite in New York, also scoring 88 on Google Trends.

#10 Jaws

Rounding off the list is the classic shark thriller "Jaws," placed at number ten with an average Google Trends score of 87.

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