Today I came across and list of table manners that are commonly accepted, and I was confused by one or two of these. I consider myself somewhat of a foodie and I am always on a quest to find the best bar food in town, so I thought my table manners were pretty up to par.

When I go out to eat I always say “please” and “thank you” and ALWAYS tip well, even if the service was below average. If the service was lackluster I usually take in consideration other factors such as the kitchen or if the eatery is understaffed. After all, people in the service industry usually live off these tips.

The list of table manners I came across had some of your basic rules:

  1. No elbows on the table
  2. Put your napkin on your lap
  3. No eating before everyone else’s food arrives

I would consider these basic rules of the table, and I would suspect most of you would agree. The last three I know I’m guilty of and I try not to do.

Don’t answer a text or phone call at the table- I have been trying really hard to not use my phone whether it be on a date or with friends. You are there for company and a good time, the phone should be secondary. I have actually been turning my phone off and it provides a nice little escape.

Don’t take pictures of your food- I wholeheartedly disagree with this one! I love taking pictures of my food. The chefs and cooks take pride in what they do so I see no problem with sharing their creations. Plus, it gets me some likes on Facebook and Instagram.

Not finishing all the food on your plate- I’m not going to lie, I usually finish all the food on my plate. But I find it weird that it could be considered rude if you do not finish what is on your plate! Maybe you are full or watching your weight. If the food isn’t good however remember, hot sauce can fix just about anything.

Table manners are always changing especially in a world where we are constantly connected, but if you follow these rules at least somewhat you could wind up impressing someone!

Or get a free dessert from the server!

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