Obviously, you shouldn't text and drive. It's illegal now in most states to use a phone while driving unless it's hands-free. So, instead of getting a ticket for doing the wrong thing, what if you got cash for doing the right thing?

I don't know about you, but I see people texting and driving all the time around the Upstate. It drives me crazy, but the worst are the people that get on their phone at a stoplight and then aren't paying attention when the light turns green....GOOOOO ALREADY!

Sorry I digress. There is a new smartphone App that will actually pay you to not break the law and do the safe thing....don't text and drive. It's called ONMYWAY and it's catching on all over the country. Why wouldn't it...you can make up to $1000 all for driving without texting.

ONMYWAY automatically activates when your car goes over 10 mph and disables text and app alerts. It then pays you five cents for every mile you drive without using your phone.Best part is you can still answer calls through Bluetooth.

After you've racked up miles without texting you can spent that money from ONMYWAY at online stores, subscription products, restaurants, retail stores, spas, coffee shops, hair salons, furniture stores, grocery stores, local services, auto services, insurance companies and more.

Sounds like a pretty cool deal to me. Get paid for doing something a lot of us are already doing.

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