I am notorious for spending money on stupid things. I told myself at the beginning of this week I needed to start saving up for some bills and a possible vacation. Then I stumbled across two of my favorite things: cheese and bacon.

Except this was no regular cheesey and bacony creation, this was a cleaning product.

The people over at Einstein Bros. Bagels have cracked into the genius side of marketing. They have developed a cheese scented shampoo and a bacon scented conditioner.

It is hard to argue against bacon being the best smell to wake up to, and now you can do it every morning. This combination of grooming products is an ode to my favorite sandwich: the bacon, egg, and cheese. A breakfast staple, I can't think of a better way to pay homage to a sandwich that so many love.

I went ahead and purchased the entire gift set. I saw it would only set me back about $10, then I saw there was free shipping. Free Shipping = I Am Sold.

Once it arrives I will be testing the products out and maybe filming the entire thing! Check out this crazy grooming set at the link below!

[via Delish]

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