Dogs can truly change someone's life. From helping people who are blind, to veterans with PTSD, to being a service dog to a local Vestal Middle School student.

The dog helping and changing someone's life locally is Vestal Middle School student Hudson Golebiewski, who is autistic. His name is Oscer and is a Golden Retriever.

Oscer is the service dog to Golebiewski and is the middle school's first working service dog. Not only does Oscer help Golebiewski walk around the halls and make friends, he also made his way into the yearbook.

Oscer is pictured right beside his best friend in this year's yearbook for the VMS. Oscer is posed just like any other student, and even has his "baby" picture featured alongside students as well.

Oscer was even promoted to high school during the VMS Eight Grade Promotion ceremony alongside Golebiewski.

To check out the pictures click here.


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