According to the Brisbine Times, a vegan restaurant owner refuses to get rid of cockroaches or kill any other animal for that matter. Now, there's a couple of ways you can look at this.

1) That place is a disgusting, dirty place to eat.


2) Vegans respect the life of all animals big and small. So you are eating at a real vegan restaurant.

Khanh Hoang owns the Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant in Dickson, Australia. The health department has been chasing him down him since they found a ton of cockroaches, yes, cockroaches in his kitchen during the last inspection in April of 2013.

Khanh however, refuses to kill the cockroaches. because he's a vegetarian who doesn't believe in killing any animals. That includes insects, no matter how revolting they are. He was in court last Thursday and was handed a fine close to $12,500 for these repeated food safety violations.

But now he says he's hired a pest control company that gets rid of the cockroaches in a non-lethal way and his restaurant is still really popular with vegetarians and vegans.


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