We've all dipped our toe into the dating pool a time or two. I know how hard it was before and I imagine that it hasn't gotten any easier since. Social media, dating apps and dating sights have changed the way that we can meet our next ex.

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They say (whoever they are) the best places to meet someone is the grocery store (especially in the produce department), fitness club (I tried it once, good start but sudden end) or church (good idea until you break up, then you need to find a new church).

This can be a difficult weekend for some, in fact, a listener told me that Valentine's Day really isn't her thing anymore, it's more like "Singles Awareness Day." All of your friends will give you their free advice but remember you get what you pay for.

I did an informal survey with the ladies in the building and the answer was unanimous. Don't do it if you can help it. However this year could be different because there is another big event happening this weekend.

How To Have A Successful First Date For Valentine's Day Weekend This Year

Valentine's Day falls on Tuesday but this upcoming weekend is considered Valentine's Day weekend. So here's MY free advice: Sunday is the Big Game, so ask the person that you'd like to get to know better to a join you at a Big Game party.

If you have mutual friends at the get together, that can help the process along. You both will have a chance to relax (don't drink too much) and get to know each other better. It'll really help if neither of you are a Philadelphia or Kansas City fan either.

There's also safety in numbers. If it just doesn't look like it's going to work out, you have other people around to chat with. I once asked out a woman on a bowling date, the bowling was good but we didn't connect.

It was just It was 3 games of silence except for the ball hitting the pins. The biggest strike I got that night was the strike out between us. If we had friends with us, that would have made the night more bearable for both of us.

If you're in a committed relationship and you're asked to go to Cracker Barrel (which I love by the way) for the first time, they may have something else in mind.

Speaking of Valentine's Day and relationships, what you get this weekend could say a lot about them.

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