Hopefully, you still have some shorts lying around your closet because we will see a virtual heatwave this Thursday across the region.

According to the latest weather forecast from the National Weather Service after seeing several days of below-freezing temperatures and snow and icy rain, this Thursday could be considered a beach day in Western New York.

This Thursday we could see a high temperature around 50 degrees. Yes...50 degrees. This would be considered very unusual since the average daily high temperature in Buffalo for the month of December is around 38 degrees.

While 50 degrees sounds nice and warm, that is not even close to the hottest temperature ever recorded in Buffalo in December.

That would be 74 degrees which was recorded on December 3rd, 1972. The year with the most record highs was 2015. During that December record highs of 71 on December 14th, 65 on December 23rd, and 66 on December 24th.

Don't get too excited for the warm-up. After Thursday more seasonal temperatures are expected across Western New York.

We will be back down to the upper 30's heading into the weekend with cloudy skies and possible snow showers expected all weekend long.

On the flip side, if you are looking for the coldest temperature ever recorded in Buffalo that would have happened on Christmas Day in 1982. That day as kids were opening up presents from Santa, the low dropped down to 10 below zero. Yikes...hopefully Santa wore his long johns that night dropping off all the presents across Western New York.

So go ahead and throw on your shorts and sandals this Thursday and enjoy our mini-heatwave for at least 25 hours.

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