Monday, June 14th is Flag Day and for the 70th consecutive year,  the Unadilla Fire Department is having its Flag Day Parade. According to the 1st Assistant Chief of the Unadilla Fire Department, Jeff Jones, it's the longest continuous Flag Day Parade in all of the United States. Yes, even with Covid going on last year, they managed to do a drive-by parade.

Over the past year, we've been doing birthday, celebration, and graduation drive-by parades and they all have been special in one way or another. Well, we've been asked to participate in this year's Flag Day Parade and I couldn't be more honored.

Flag Day Parade In Unadilla

This spectacular event begins at 7 p.m. on Flag Day at 265 Main Street, Unadilla. There will be over 20 total fire trucks in this parade with 10 to 15 different departments participating.

My father-in-law has a couple of classic cars, so I'll have to see if he wants to join the other classic cars and antique tractors on the parade route. All of the Unadilla Little league baseball, softball, and tee-ball players will be marching in this parade along with the local girl and boy scouts.

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What's a parade without politicians? Assemblyman Joe Angileno and Senator Peter Oberacker will be marching as well. After it's over, there is an ice cream social for all the children courtesy of the Unadilla Fire Department...I wonder if I qualify as a kid.

This is a parade that shouldn't be missed on this special day and it'll definitely be in my top five all-time parades to be a part of. To find out more about the 70th consecutive Flag Day Parade in Unadilla, go here and we'll see you at the parade.

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