As we know by now, the world went on pause last March and it affected everything for the rest of the year including April Fools' Day. Things are starting to loosen up and we are going back to work at work.

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So that means the return of April Fools' pranks at the office. I prepared myself for anything that might come along because nothing is going to get by me. So I was ready and my co-workers were going to have to do better than the old (well, not really old, 2020 old) "you're on mute" gag during my Microsoft Teams meetings.

One of my co-workers even tried to tell me that our downstairs photocopier was replaced with one that is now completely voice-activated because of new pandemic protocols" and I would normally believe it when someone told me something like that, but I didn't fall for it this year.

I might have been ready for my co-workers but I wasn't ready for the epic prank pulled by Dryden Central School District Superintendent, Joshua Bacigalupi. If your kids haven't been falling for your pranks this April Fools, then show them this and watch what happens next.

I have to admit, while I was watching this, I thought "How am I going to tell my daughter, Tara, a high school junior this news? Tara has made so many summer plans and this would be a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT for her especially after everything that was brought to a halt last summer.

I'm pretty sure that I heard my co-worker Traci say "I'm glad that my child isn't going to a New York state school because John would really not like this news."

So my two questions are 1. what did you think while you were watching this video? and 2. what did your child think of it? To Mr. Bacigalupi, I say "Well done my friend, well done." I'm a fool and he just proved it.

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