Guess what today is? That's right, it's April Fool's Day! You have enough to worry about on a Monday so let's throw April Fool's Day into the mix.

So do you love or HATE April Fool's Day? If you're a hater then I guess that you've been got a time or two. If you are a lover of this day then you are the one doing the giving.

Have you ever wondered if people feel the same way as you do about April Fool's Day? Well, a recent study of people in the United States found out about how Americans feel about this holiday and what kind of pranks they are planning for 2024.

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When it comes to being the champ of April Fool's Day, the winner is Montana. 40% of residents from Big Sky Country say they plan on doing something for April Fools. The safe place to be today is West Virginia. A whopping 97% of people from there say they won't be participating in any April Fool's pranks this year.

The King of Pranks on April Fool's Day

So who is the king of pranks? That would be Pittsburgh where 75% of the people say they are pranking on April Fool's Day. You've been warned!

But when it comes to New York, things are a bit different. I'm surprised that only 18% of New Yorkers are planning to join in the April Fool's festivities. One of the reasons that number could be low is because I don't pull the pranks on this special day anymore. By the way, you could help bring that number up if you want to try...Just don't blame me.

So how many Americans will be participating today? Overall, the study found that only 20% of Americans are planning to pull a prank this year. It seems like April Fool's Day is losing its popularity. Maybe with everything that is going on around us these days, we just aren't feeling the fun anymore. What do you think?

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